Below is my list of works. Most scores are available for purchase or hire via the Australian Music Centre. If you’re interested in a work that is not currently available via the AMC, please contact me.

Dark Energy (2022)

for orchestra (7′)

Sanctuary (2022)

for orchestra (5′)

My Mother Plays the Cello (2021)

for chamber orchestra (9′)

Nigel (2021)

for quintet (9′)

Light and Transfiguration (2020)

for solo piano (13’30”)

The Laws of Motion (2020)

for orchestra (7’30”)

Embers (2020)

for wind symphony (9′)

Warhol in The Tenderloin (2019)

for pierrot ensemble + percussion (6′)

Denali (2019)

for flute, clarinet and violin (6′)

Garden Suite (2019)

for solo viola (7′)

A Day in the Life of Erik Satie (2018)

for baritone voice with piano accompaniment (7’45”)

101 Things to do With Cauliflower (2018)

for improvising ensemble

Diptych (2017)

for saxophone quartet (11′)

After Fanfares (2016)

for solo piano (9′)

Fantasia on a Webern Row (2016)

for wind symphony (14′)

The Fine Art of Conversation (2015)

for string quartet (7′)

Structures (2015)

for sextet (6′)