Garden Suite (2019)

for viola (7′)



“Garden Suite is inspired by human interactions with the more-the-human world in a domestic context. These encounters are often considered unremarkable and therefore unworthy of attention. However, they are fascinating if one considers them closely and I set out to spotlight them in Garden Suite. The suite last around 7 minutes over three movements. ‘Suburban Turkey’ is a playful response to the brush turkeys that inhabit my former neighbourhood. ‘God in Green Overalls’ is modelled on the process of decomposition in a worm farm. And ‘The Wilds’ evokes a sense of child-like joy and adventure in a garden. Garden Suite was premiered by Henry Justo at The Newsagency, Annandale on 24 October 2019 as part of the Backstage Music concert series.”

Read a review in Limelight.

Score sample

Score available from the Australian Music Centre.