The Niche Hypothesis (2019)

for double wind orchestra (7′)



“In 1987, naturalist and musician Bernie L. Krause published his influential article The Niche Hypothesis: How Animals Taught Us to Dance and Sing. Krause proposed that in ecosystems animals have their “own sonic niche (channel, or space) in the frequency spectrum and/or time slot occupied by no other at that particular moment” (Krause, 1987, p.3). He suggested that, when birds relocate to new areas due to habitat destruction, their sonic niche may be occupied by another creature, posing an obstacle to communication (Krause, 1987, p.4). By the same logic, if human-made sound is introduced into a finely balanced ecosystem, that system will be thrown into flux. These concepts inspired my composition The Niche Hypothesis.

The Niche Hypothesis was first played in a reading session by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Symphony Orchestra in Verbruggen Hall on 8 August 2019.”

Score sample

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