Odd Logic

Basic Info

  • Instrumentation: two flutes, two keyboards, double bass, bass guitar
  • Year of composition: 2018
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Commissioned by: SPIRAL 



Odd Logic was commissioned by SPIRAL for the first concert of their 2018 season. It is scored for two trios of flute, keyboard, and bass which are slightly separated on stage. In one continuous movement, Odd Logic runs approximately 20 minutes.

SPIRAL’s primary focus is music from, and influenced by, the minimlaist canon. I also have an affinity for this music, and minimlaist textures and process do play an important role in Odd Logic. These influences are plain to hear at a number of points in the work, none more so that the energetic closing minutes. What may be less obvious are the devices operating under the surface of the music. When generating pitch material I drew directly on the practice of Boulez. Those familiar with Elliott Carter’s music may recognise his influence in the moment of silence at the exact half way point of Odd Logic. The piece is similarly divided into thirds by metric/rhythmic changes, as well as into smaller portions by pitch centre, harmonic language, instrumentation and texture.

Most importantly, Odd Logic is full of contrast and vitality. The wide registral and dynamic range of the ensemble is put to use, and there are moments to shine for the ensemble in the slowly shifting tremolo textures, tuneful interludes, and passages of spirited ostinati.

SPIRAL premiered on April 6 2018 at 107 Projects, Redfern.

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