Odd Logic

Basic Info

    • Instrumentation: two flutes, two keyboards, double bass, bass guitar
    • Year of composition: 2018
    • Duration: 17 mins
    • Commissioned by: SPIRAL 



Odd Logic is a high-energy ride through shimmering tremolo, quirky melodic turns, and spirited ostinato. It is scored for two flutes, two pianos, bass guitar and double bass, and runs approximately 17 minutes in one movement. Minimalist textures and process are plain to hear throughout the music. Beneath the surface, a structural polyrhythm guides the development of the piece.

Odd Logic was commissioned by Sydney chamber ensemble Spiral in 2017 and is affectionately dedicated to the ensemble. The premiere performance was given on 06/04/18 at 107 Projects in Redfern, conducted by the composer. The piece was revised in February 2019 and performed in Sydney on 29/03, Toowoomba on 12/04, and Brisbane on 13/04 conducted by Josh Winestock.