New Light (2020)

modular score for piano



New Light may be thought of as a science kit for extended piano techniques. The score consists of sixteen cards which can be arranged to create a multitude of pieces. Four cards feature extended piano techniques; four feature a visual prompt/gesture inspired by nature; four specify a register of the piano; and four suggest approximate duration. To create a version of the piece, match each technique with a different visual prompt, register, and duration. Over 300,000 different permutations are possible. The performer is invited to experiment and find those combinations which speak to them most. They are also encouraged to repeat the process and to experience each technique in a new light.”

New Light was commissioned by Backstage Music as part of their ‘Offstage’ project, a series of ten commissions from pairs of instrumentalists and composers which explore extended instrumental techniques. The project is designed to provide a resource for other composers and musicians. Check out all the Offstage pieces here.

Score sample

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