Dark Energy (2022)

for orchestra (7′)


An archival recording of the full piece is available on request. Please contact me.


“According to our current understanding of physics, the universe should be expanding at a decelerating rate. Instead, however, the universe is expanding faster and faster. The cause of this accelerating expansion is “dark energy”, a mysterious force that seems to act as a sort of anti-gravity. We do not know what dark energy is, but it makes up a staggering 68% of mass in the universe.

Dark energy is the inspiration for this piece of the same name. It lasts approximately seven minutes in a single movement and is intended to capture a sense of acceleration and expansion. The primary material expands outwards from a central point, informed by a sequence known as the infinity series. Dark Energy was composed for the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra as part of the 2022-23 Australian Composers’ School.”

Score sample

Score available from the Australian Music Centre.