April Update

Hello to everyone from composer corner where I’m currently spending an even higher proportion of my time than usual. Like everyone, I’ve had some performances cancelled due to COVID-19 (including one in the US which was to have occurred on Tuesday) but overall I’m feeling fortunate. I’ve been able to continue my Masters remotely and have been busily composing. I’ve completed a ten minute work for wind symphony, featuring extended solos for several members of the ensemble. And I’m now working on a chunky multi-movement piano suite inspired by the transformation of energy through ecosystems. Next up, I’ll be writing a short work for orchestra, having been selected for the Ku-ring-Gai Philharmonic’s biannual composer program. It’s hard to known when these pieces will see the light of day. But, I’m having a rather fun vocal piece from 2018 recorded (long-distance) and look forward to sharing that soon!